3D Puff Embroidery Instruction

Below are step by step instructions on how Puff embroidery designs


 Our designs consist of 2 colors ( satin outline follow by the puff satin). You can of course skip the satin outline and just use the satin puff to create a 1 color design)


1. Satin outline is stitch out.

2. Place your embroidery foam/craft foam on top of the satin outline.

3. An outline is stitch around the foam to keep it in place, follow by the satin puff stitch. The stitch is a very dense stitch which will cut the foam as it cover the design.

4. Peel off the excess foam paper, and clean up the excess foam.

5. The last step is cleaning up the tiny pieces of foam that is left over. If you are using craft foam, this step may take more time as craft foam are less dense than embroidery foam. You can brush away the loose pieces or use a tweezers to remove them. You can also use a pin to poke the foam under the stitches. Another method is to use hair dryer or alternative heat source. This will shrink the foam and this helps the stitches cover the foam. Be careful when using hair dryer or alternative heat source on your clothing. It is best to test it out with something slimier as to not damage your clothing


(images coming soon)